how to avoid plagiarism

An anti-plagiarism check is the best thing you can do before submitting your essay or dissertation. It can save your skin as a student if you know how to use it.

You should know that there are two types of plagiarism software: free and paid. Let’s discover the differences between these two.

Free vs. Paid Anti-Plagiarism Software

Let’s say that you finished your essay. Thirty pages of argumentative phrases and research data presented in an academic language. You are tired and also proud of this achievement. What do you do next? You can either send it to your supervisor for inspection or do some of the inspection yourself.

Your professor has access to paid anti-plagiarism software and other tools that can show him your essay’s mistakes or plagiarized content if it has any. Your supervisor will give you the go if the paper you sent is OK and doesn’t need editing or correcting.

Still, before you send the essay, you can check it yourself by using some free plagiarism software. It isn’t as powerful as the one used at school, but it does the job very well.

You can find such programs online, so start searching for them and benefit from their features. These free tools have different libraries they use to compare the submitted work. Still, these libraries are not that extensive as in the case of paid programs.

So, if you want to call on free tools, make sure that you use more than one. This way, you’ll have more chances to discover if your essay has copied content or not.

Essay Writing Services

There is also the third option. Instead of trying to fool the school’s plagiarizing software by searching for how to trick plagiarism software or how to cheat plagiarism software, you can pay a writing service to help you.

Essay writing services have access to software that can scan your work for grammar mistakes and plagiarism. You can send them your work, and for a small fee, you can get the results. Of course, many of them won’t say what type of software they use, so instead of losing money on a service that uses a free anti-plagiarism program, check the reviews first.

Customer reviews can reflect the quality of a company and whether it can be trusted or not. Some sites have these types of reviews for each and every kind of option and tool they offer for their clients.

Using a writing service’s anti-plagiarism tool is far more affordable than paying for an anti-plagiarism subscription.

However, if you do have to write various essays, on a monthly basis, then a paid anti-plagiarism program might be the best thing for you. It is costly, but it can do wonders for your work and keep you away from bad grades and expelling.

Of course, no paid or free anti-plagiarism software can be one hundred percent accurate. It’s better to read some reviews or check online videos on how these programs work and what kind of results they offer.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if you plagiarized intentionally or not; the examiners won’t care. They will give you a poor mark or even kick you out of the examination room. Even worse, you can risk being expelled from the University, so try your best and avoid such a situation.

Final Thoughts

A free anti-plagiarism application can help you a lot, and the more programs you use, the better the scan will be. Don’t risk your dissertation paper and don’t even think about fooling the anti-plagiarism software. That program is smarter than you think.